Monitor all your devices from one place

Access your equipment anywhere, monitor and manage wherever you are


Support for different manufacturers of network equipment

Flexible Use

Use the components you need. The system provides the ability to connect the necessary components

Adaptive design

Use the platform conveniently on desktop, tablet or phone


Integrate wildcore DMS into your billing system with RestAPI

Integrated update system

The system will notify you about new features, and the process of installing updates will take no more than 5 minutes

Permission management

Ability to flexibly manage user access rights

Components and features

Permission control

You can set displayed groups and permissions for user groups.

Device dashboard

Adaptive design for devices list, with filters and ICMP pinger statuses.

Prometheus integration

Build graphs, create alerts and integrate with your monitoring system.
You can choose needed collectors and time for collect data.

Component for C-Data OLTs

Component for C-Data OLTs allow see and control interfaces and ONTs information.

Component for ZTE OLTs (C300/C320)

Component for ZTE OLTs allow see and control interfaces and ONTs information.
There are also extensions for registration of ONU by dynamic template.

Component for RouterOS (Mikrotik)

Component for RouterOS allow see information by sessions, interfaces, leases and ARPs.

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